Careers Guidance


enable clients to become more aware of own strengths and opportunities and assist in developing achievable career plans, through face to face careers guidance, remotely via internet and via group work activities.

help clients make informed decisions for effective management of transitions into learning and work, facilitating self-evaluation of aspirations, abilities, skills and potential.

interpret and evaluate opportunities available for learning and work, creating career exploration opportunities via work and voluntary experiences. Informing clients of the range of learning opportunities in their quest to realise potential.

support clients in developing employability skills and acquiring knowledge of the local, national and global economy.

maximise employability through creation of job search strategies, developing networking skills, making use of social media and providing feedback on construction of a CV.

recommend specific websites to access further support and information.

provide psychometric testing using the Morrisby Profile to help people make appropriate choices & decisions for their future. To find out more visit Morrisby